Stories of Reality

A New Year has begun and perhaps some of the “old stories” you were participating in have become a distant memory,… and maybe not.

The “old stories” you participated in were absolutely part of your soul’s evolution and were very much a part of your growing into who you are today,  and… with this New Year, you have an opportunity and are capable of focusing your thoughts on creating New Stories that actually fill you with happiness and deep satisfaction from who you are today as a great CREATOR of your REALITY.

How will I do this? you might ask… simply by giving yourself permission to focus on all that is positive in your life and keep focusing on all that is positive all around you.. in  your reality and perhaps even peeking into other’s reality, seeing what happiness surrounds them…. instead of negative judgement of others, look for their magical divine creative aspects… it’s easy when you shift your focus, your vision becomes more clear over time.

You CAN simply give yourself permission to be an explorer of positive reality!

You CAN also create at least one positive experience in your day … every day!

Doing this, will show you just how power-full a creative being you are.. and that you always have the right to choose, that you are not stuck or blocked by any old story of any old reality… that doesn’t serve you anymore. In fact, those stories might bring you comfort on some level of thinking you may have something you know how to navigate and have a consistent role in.. but it doesn’t bring you present to continue playing those old roles, and let’s face it, .. it’s not very exciting either…. going around in circles with the same old story with the same old results can be quite depressing and taxing on your energy and motivation over time.

YOU are here on the planet to BE ALIVE and to be alive.. you have to be present, in the moment and owning that Divine part of you that is always connected with all life as a co-creator of reality. YOU CAN CHOOSE to own that!! Own your experiences.. be present in them.. set them up and work with Divine Source to bring it full of everything  your soul desires…. a rich fulfilling, deeply satisfying, present, magical Divine moment.. one after the next.

Think about it…. flow with it…. you can give yourself permission to have new stories that will continue to bring a smile from that heart of yours for years to come! Now is the time xo ~Samantha Paitakis


Astrology Reports


Make the BEST of the rest of your year by informing yourself about yourself! Anything that brings more enlightenment to you about your own nature is well worth your time, energy and investment!

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Did You Know Fairies Live on Long Island?

Well… they really really do! There is a Fairy Forest In East Patchogue where all the Fairies live. There is a book written about them by author, Barbara Costanza! Check it out at this link: You CAN purchase this beautiful story to pass down to your own children, grandchildren, neices, nephews and friends! They are available at 206 Blue Point Avenue, Blue Point, NY 11715. contact if you are interested in picking some up!

September has Arrived!

Coming out of Labor Day this Sept. 5th, let us really embrace and pray for all the service men and women, our Veterans then and those who serve today. Thank you and May God Bless You All!

As we move forward into September we see kids are going back to school, parents are getting ready for busier schedules, and inwardly/subconsciously this time can represent moving back into our connection with family, friends and Mother Earth… especially if you live locally or any place in the USA where the seasons change. The end of year holidays will be approaching, and soon enough we will be bringing in a New Year.

Astrologically speaking, it’s been a rough time for some people, mostly for those who fall under the sun sign of Cancer. Let us send out a big prayer for the Cancerians. check out this image to see what September brings:

September 2016

September 2016

On September 22nd, when Autumn begins, it’s the perfect time to open the windows of your home and sage/smudge out the place giving it a nice psychic cleansing. If you don’t know how to do that, look for the post on this blog for how to sage your home. Welcome the new season with taking in the fresh autumn air and allowing yourself to embrace the earth. All the leaves will be falling like the days of old… that no longer exist other than just a memory. Today you can embrace who you are in this change of season… moving forward with all the wisdom you have gained, anew .. wiser .. lighter.. freer… and stronger in all that you stripped away of all you’ve held onto that is no longer supportive of who you are today. As we move into the sign of Libra, there should be more cohesive family experiences, enjoy!

I would also like to acknowledge and send a prayer up for Gene Wilder who passed away recently. For me, and I suppose many people who loved Gene, and the movie Young Frankenstein, Gene Wilder was a big part of this time of the year. Bless him and all he has shared with our earth family. May his light continue to grow on the “other side” of life. As we continue to watch his great works replayed on our TVs and devices let us remember the lightness of being, the fun side of ourselves, and the star that we are…. all he evoked within us with all the movies and roles he played for us to continue to enjoy.

As for “206” there are many new and exciting classes coming up. For those who want to learn Reiki, this is the best time for it! I am available to teach it to you. You can see all the new classes and some of the older ongoing classes on the front page of my website at . I hope to see you this season!

I close wishing you the best this season has to offer… hoping you will take time to reflect on where you were not so long ago, and how far you have come to where  you are today.

With Divine Love & Blessings,



Have You Ever Experienced Deja’ Vu?

Dejavu samantha paitakisSo there you are… and all of a sudden this “w e i r d” feeling comes over you like time has slowed down, you’re hyperfocused but in a hazy and removed way, suddenly everything seems so strangely familiar with the same people and environment… perhaps having the very same conversation or thoughts and feelings, you remember but you just can’t place the source of the memory, and then just as fast as it came on… it’s over; The experience fades away and you are left perplexed as to what just happened and why.

You’ve just experienced Deja’Vu!
Wikipedia describes Deja’Vu as “Déjà vu in French literally as “already seen”. it is the experience of feeling sure that one has already witnessed or experienced a current situation, even though the exact circumstances of the prior encounter are uncertain and were perhaps imagined.” Scientists attempted to investigate this phenomena and came up with a possible cause of one eye receiving the present image faster than the other eye and fragmentation occurs, thereby affecting the brain in some way to have the Deja’Vu experience. Some psychologists claim it is due to mental disorders such as schizophrenia, anxiety, and disociative identity disorder. Some doctors claim Deja’ Vu to be linked to neurological anomolies and some say medications are the cause of this experience.
Surveys show one third of the population has experienced a Deja’Vu moment. Is this a phenomena we can’t explain… I personally don’t believe it is. Physicists such as Michio Kaku in his youtube video ponders the question “is it ever possible on any scale to perhaps flip between different universes? And the answer there is actually rather unclear. We physicists believe, for example, that there is really a multiverse that exists even inside our living room. We are waves, vibrating waves given by the **** function, and these waves vibrate and then split apart with time.”
Perhaps this lends to the theory of parellel universes.
Spiritually speaking, we are each a Spirit being…experiencing life in this moment of eternity, as a human being. And even though we tend to be much more aware of our physical senses and human limitations, as a Spirit we are capable of visiting and interacting with many dimensions of existence. Oftentimes our minds travel throughout the day as we “daydream” or meditate while enjoying something repititious. We are equipped with a mind that can travel throughout all time space and dimension… (past, present, and future) in any moment. Our physical body is limited, but our mind is not. The mind is like a traveler with no baggage or judgement, its aim is to remind the soul of its true freedom and boundless potential. . We are very capable of living in, and visiting, many dimensions of existence at one time with or without having “mental illness”. When Deja’ Vu occurs, it is because our soul remembers being with those souls (human or other) at another time.  It could be that your soul is reminding you of something you have come to balance through that particular experience with those in that moment, and In some cases Deja’Vu could also signify that your soul has agreed to give you a sign that you are on your path at the right time and at the right place. So next time you have a Deja’ Vu moment, enjoy your awareness and embrace the moment as it holds something special for your soul’s evolution as well as those among you and in every resonating realm.

2016 Has Arrived!

burning bowl ceremony1

Happy New Year!!

This Sunday, January 3rd, I will be hosting a Burning Bowl Ceremony after the Spiritual Gathering in Blue Point, NY. As much as it is important and natural to look back on 2015 and all that has occurred, it is also wise to end the year by being grateful for all the experiences, the things you have learned and for what you have evolved through.  This is your life… everything has meaning and matters.  The Burning Bowl Ceremony gives us an opportunity to reflect upon and consciously release the old so we can bring in the new!

With this New Year, 2016, there will be a lot of personal positive propelling transformation (say that fast three times 🙂 ) as this is a “9” year in numerology.  It is the number that represents the ending of the nine year cycle, which means we will all, individually and collectively, be finishing up everything that’s been in place for the last nine years since 2007. “RESOLVE & COMPLETION”. If you look back to from 2007 on, you might notice all the turbulent times including wars, the breaking down of old fixed “systems” that were in place, gender roles, job loss, marriage equality, job title changes, and the re-arranging of anything appearing “secure”.  We have all participated in the evolution that brought us here today. Now, we are in the process and energy of completion.

All the metaphorical seeds you have sown and spiritual work you have done on  yourself since 2007 will assist you now in this transformational time. If you have not done any work to seek better understanding, you will have the “opportunity” to finish this year.  Self Development and spiritual growth are part of the “9” year cycle.

If you would like to do your own personal Burning Bowl Ceremony, I have prepared a simple guide for your ceremony. You can access that guide by clicking on this link.

I wish for you every prosperous experience your soul would love to explore!




How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

holy light spirit connection


It’s easier than you think!

Any time you are engaged in doing something you absolutely take pleasure in, you are altering your state of consciousness to that of your true “be-ing”. You will have no sense of Earthly time and a great experience of expansiveness as well as be aware of the unlimited energy to do whatever it is you need to do without a second thought. This state of be-ing is the state successful people, artists, and performers access in order to bring that presence out into the world. This state is of higher consciousness where all is one in good and you are able to connect to and access Spirit Guides that are there to help you, in good, with whatever your soul is yearning to experience and/or complete.

You may have a Guide that’s been with you for a long or short time. You may have many Guides. You can ask for a Guide to help you with a certain task if you so choose.

If you search online you will see that there are many ways to connect with your Spirit Guide from the most simplest of versions to the long and arduous exercises that profess to have perfected the process. I say the process could be and should be organic. Each and every time you connect with your Guide will be a different expereince dependant upon your environment and your state of being in that moment. Everyone has their own process… first and foremost you should trustyour own above anyone elses.

To connect with your Guide I suggest:

accessing this creative exalted state of being by doing what you love.. consciously. Do not be concerned with success or failure, just place yourself in that space you have done many times before where you are pure “expansiveness”. Some suggestions to get there would be through meditation, music, dance, singing, exercise, art, etc. Project and Allow the Divine Light of your Creator to encircle you while making the intention “nothing less than the highest and best energies may come near” you.

When you are experiencing that exhalted expansiveness of your be-ing, make the inward intention to connect with your Guide.

Be self-aware of your be-ing at this time. Allow yourself to become aware of any way your Guide may be presenting themself to you. Hearing a sound or words, feeling energy near your physical space, just knowing about the guide being male or female and/or of truth of it’s existence, seeing colors or images, symbols etc. will begin the process of their building their trust with you in being seen or experienced more deeply.

Be an observer, a witness.. do not judge anything; by judging you will engage your logical mind and bring yourself out of that expansive state.. you want to continue accessing your creative state.

Ask them to be clearer or more defined for you. Ask them how you will know it is them in the future when they are around.
Allow yourself to get acquainted with their energy… this is their signature that you will be able to recognize more easily each and every time you connect with them in the future.

You may want to ask them how long they have been with you, what they are helping you with, how long they will be staying with you, and what YOU are helping them with. As they help you,… you are always helping them in some way as well to ascend in their divine journey. It is good to ask all the questions to know the assignment and or contract between you both.

Being grateful for your connection with your guide is a good way to make this experience a Blessed union in good.
Any time you connect with a guide it should be a positiveand enlightening experience. You should feel an overall sense of well-being after connecting with your guide.

NOTE: Never seek to connect with your Guide while angry, or under any influence of mind-altering substances other than your own natural high created through organic exercises. Your Spirit Guide cannot tell you what to do, as you always have free will of choice, but they are there to “Guide” you in the best possible direction.

Happy Connecting!

What’s on your mind… do you need to Center & Ground?

samantha paitakis buddha
Did you know… where your thoughts go, your energy follows?  If you have a lot going on this summer and your thoughts are scattered, chances are you won’t be able to focus long enough on the moment to actually be wholly present to enjoy this season!  If this sounds like you right now, you may just need to get more “grounded”, which means to become more centered, aligned with your physical self and rooted in this present moment.

When you center and ground yourself, you are able to bring your energies and consciousness to this particular time and space… so you can focus on the things that are important to you now, as well as bring your energies back to infuse your own being for your highest use in accomplishing whatever it is you would enjoy creating and experiencing.

Here are 6 ways you can center & ground your self…

1.  Release those thoughts through writing or drawing… get it all out!  You can keep a journal if you are chronically in your head… getting things off your mind can help you to experience a sense of peace.

What's on your mind?

What’s in your head?.. write or draw it out!

2.  Meditate by simply sitting for five minutes and focusing on your breathing. Breathe deeply in-through your diaphragm. Your belly should rise and fall with each inhalation and exhalation…. do this for 5 min.

 thoughts are like clouds moving away until your mental skies are clear.

thoughts are like clouds moving away until your mental skies are clear.

3.  Sit and place your hands palms down on your hips, legs or knees, …imagine you are like a tree and you have roots growing from the bottoms of those feet …all the way down into the heart of the earth.  Imagine your roots growing strong and thick and thirsty… moving down until firmly rooted at the iron crystal core of the Mother Earth… imagine that loving healing energy of the earth …beginning to flow up through your roots into the souls of your feet… your legs… pelvis and hips. Experience your groundedness ….. the earth supports you…  you can have a clear sensing of that truth.

you are grounded with all who live upon the earth. You have a right to your place among the whole as you participate your life in evolution.

you are grounded with all who live upon the earth. You have a right to your place among the whole as you participate your life in evolution.

4.  EFT (emotional freedom technique) is a very useful and easy tool to help ground you! tap while saying something like this (allow your own inner words to be part of your tapping) :

“Even though I am so distracted… and in my head,  I am now choosing to love and accept myself. My whole self.

Even though my thoughts and energies are scattered everywhere contemplating the past, the future and with everyone else, I can forgive myself for not giving myself my own attention, care, time and energy in this moment. I CAN  be present and fill my needs in this moment for my highest good.

Even though these distractions are assisting me in some way…. I am now choosing to get out of my own way …and give myself permission to take full responsibility for my own happiness… by centering myself, …bringing my thoughts …feelings …and physical life… into a comfortable balance I CAN ENJOY.  I call back all my energy to support and sustain this comfortable healthy balance now.

I accept and love myself enough to center and ground in this moment. I CAN LOVE myself in this moment to bring myself what I need. I declare that I am safe, I am power-filled, I am connected with all that is good,  I choose love, happiness, joy, peace, and divine protection over my life.

In this moment and all moments, I support my life with my own focused love and attention.. I meet my true needs through my connection with my Creator and the Earth that nurtures and supports my life NOW and always. As I resonate with my own inner abundance the Universe aligns with my abundant nature and conspires in my favor now.

I acknowledge and declare that I am worthy to fill my life with loving thoughts of myself, for my life, and all that I create from this moment on… as I do this… I naturally share the best of me with others. This alignment draws all that is similar to me….  I fill my cup… and it runneth over… for the good of all beings.    … And so it is…. And I let all else…. fall away!

To learn more about EFT go to my online page.

Tapping helps to clear emotional blocks the mind cannot understand or rationalize.

Tapping helps to clear emotional blocks the mind cannot understand or rationalize.

5.  You can ground your self by spending time outdoors, gardening, and physical exercise.

getting outdoors is the best way to ground and center.

getting outdoors is the best way to ground and center in nature.

6.  You can also book a session with me for EFT, Reiki, Hypnosis, or for a Reading in order to get to the heart of and resolve that pattern of distraction so you can be more grounded and focused on the life you want to create.

EFT is especially useful for kids! It’s always better to address any emotional problems or traumas as soon as possible rather than to wait until that child becomes an adult. EFT is a proven method to assist in clearing emotional traumas or even used to elevate self-esteem, confidence, and in bringing out the best in the child. Of course EFT is not meant to replace any professional medical care but instead to be used as a tool that would address and bring balance to the energetic body or biofield of the person, which in turn promotes and contributes to the healing and wholeness of the individual. If you or your child has had an emotional trauma, you should seek professional medical care.

I am running a SPECIAL from July  through October 2015 for kids 17 and under, only $25 for half hour EFT/tapping sessions! (now’s the time to build up that self-esteem & confidence)

May you often take out time for yourself to be grounded in-through the best of yourself and experience that connection of your Divine Source and the beautiful earth which nurtures your physical life. ENJOY!


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How to Sage Your Home

This post is in response to Lori, who tweeted me wanting to know some simple tips on how to sage her home built in 1891. Older homes and estates can have some very interesting psychic energy from previous times and owners/occupants of the land and the home. It’s always good to include clearing your property as well as your home.

Hi Lori…

Thank you for asking if I have any tips on Sage-ing (saging) your home, I find it very interesting your home being built in 1891.

White Sage Clearing

White Sage

You can begin your sage-clearing process with this basic format:

• Open as many windows as you can, and light your Sage.
• Set your intention to bring in White LIGHT or God’s Light through you and out through your home, opening with a Prayer of your choice can help you to focus your intention (i.e. the Our Father).
• Make the intention, you do not allow any thing or anyone less than light to remain in your home and that all must go back to whence it came. Call in all helping Angels to lead any lost Souls into the light to be with the ones they love.
• Begin saging the bottom level of your home moving clockwise from the left of your door going to every corner with sage and your intention to bring light and release what is not of the light… making your way around clockwise back to the door, go to the main level of your home, then upstairs.
• Now come to the center of your home on the main floor.
• Facing the front of your home project that Light and sage imagining it covering your entire front property and any vehicles that are yours.
• Face to the right of your property and do the same, Turn again to the backyard, and to the left side of your property, now facing front again. Place the sage down on a safe surface. (or ceramic bowl)
• Give Thanks, your home and property are now clear.

Optional add-on after saging-clearing your home:

You may be inclined to put on lovely music or light a candle… always trust your instincts as you know your home and its psychic energy better than anyone else.

As you stand center of your home, Imagine a beautiful light streaming through your entire being, it moves through you and you now begin to radiate light in-through every object, wall, part of your home, in-through the beams, floors and ground beneath your home. Visualize placing Light Chord Anchors from the corners of the foundation of your home into the ground that are now anchored tightly to the center of the Earth. The air space above your home is clear and LIGHT, your home is clear and LIGHT, the soil your home is built on is clear and LIGHT and all is anchored.

You are dominating this home with your essence and the essence of LIGHT that YOU project into your home.

At this time you can instill any consciousness or energy you’d like to place in your home. You can bring in Peace through you, Love, Divine Protection, Prosperity, Gratitude, and allow those energies and consciousness to flow through you, radiate out from you and into your home and property line. Just imagine it being so …and it is.

When you do this additional work, you are taking responsibility for the psychic atmosphere of your home and property which is beneficial to make this home… psychicly yours!

Always remember to Give Thanks… spend time emanating gratitude.

You can close your windows at your leisure.

What Do You Declare?


Say What You Will

Words are very power-filled.. you are always co-creating your reality consciously and subconsciously… your “declarations” are living words of power.

Affirmations are an easy way to “declare”, to your subconscious mind, that you are NOW ready to draw all opportunities and experiences that are in alignment with your current desired reality.

As you SEE your affirmation daily…  you easily impress your vibratory field (aura)…  Within THAT consciousness. Your affirmation is a REALITY you are visiting with your mind and all parts of your BE-ING.. every day.  When placing your affirmation in an area that you generally visit most of your day, YOU will become subconsciously aware of what you are declaring … more and more over time. You Will be visiting your “desired reality” little by little until one day you REALIZE you have Fully embodied the consciousness YOU CHOSE TO EXPERIENCE.

As I always say, “positive change is always born of accumulative focused effort” using affirmations are a great way to gradually fertilize the soil of your being for those ready Soul Seeds to passionately grow and flourish.

Frame that affirmation and place it beside your bed. The first 30 minutes before you go to sleep,… and awaken from slumber… are the best times to view that reality/affirmation… as you drift off to sleep you will find yourself guided into dimensions of living your desired experience whether you remember or not. In the morning, looking at your affirmation helps to focus your subconscious mind throughout the day while you draw all the experiences that will validate your declaration.

Here’s one of my affirmations I’d like to share with you…

“Every day in every Way I AM Consciously Choosing to Participate My Divine Energy for the Good of All That Is”  ~Samantha Paitakis

What’s your affirmation? If you had to make one for your-self … this very moment in time…  what would it be?







Perhaps you could print this page and read it with your declaration a few times over the next few days… You can even use EFT to tap on your self while saying your affirmation out loud. …and soon you will begin to see your affirmation being validated by all you draw to you more strongly within each new day.

Bless your self with positive words, thoughts and acts, only then can you share this with others. xo